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Senken Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1990 by the chairman Mr. Chen ShiSheng and other Key stock holders. The Group owns Senken industrial Stock Co.,Ltd., Senken Technology Co,.Ltd., Senken Civil Defence Equipment Branch Company, Senken Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd. Senken Police Equipment Co.,Ltd., Chanf Technology Co.,Ltd., Senken investment Co.,ltd. and 12 Sales subsidiaries throughout mainland China.
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  • Wireless Electronic Siren S930

    Feature Reverse protection. 9-32V wide voltage range. Highest output power reaches 400Watts. Compatible speakers with different impedances. More than 10 kinds of tones could be produced with dual channel speakers. With the latest digital amplifier,high efficiency,low distortion,low noise,wide dynamic range. Could be connected with wired or wireless control handle,and also with police vehicle control platform,to make various of control methods. 4,6,8,11Ω loudspeakers are adopted. With monitoring function,drivers are able to hear the slight sounds from outside of car,without opening the window. Include common police alarm,mixed alarm etc. 10 kinds of tones ,could be broadcasted by dual channel loudspeakers,tones are also customizable. The volume of warning,microphone,monitoring,radio etc. can be adjusted  independently. The voice of microphone and sensitivity of monitoring can be be adjusted by remote independently.  Starting up with Car ACC ignition. Siren works when pressing “Horn” button,standby mode starts when parking. External audio input function is allowed,such as radio. Show buzzer running status. Provide fault codes instruction. Two light control channels.

    2016/7/21 15:26:38

  • The 120th Canton Fair

    The Canton Fair, known as China’s import and export fair, is the largest and most influential trade fair in China . Since 1957, it has been held annually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. Senken Group Co.,Ltd , which is the top manufacture of warning lights and tactical products in China , we constantly update new models and provide every customer superior quality products at competitive price. In this 120th China’s import and export Canton fair ,Senken have shown our latest product to many old and new customer from all over the world , we enjoy high reputation from customer's feedback and harvest a lot of new customers in 5 days. We treasure every oppotunity to meet you and willing to show our hospitality . See you next Canton Fair!

    2016/10/25 14:45:45

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