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Senken Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1990 by the chairman Mr. Chen ShiSheng and other Key stock holders. The Group owns Senken industrial Stock Co.,Ltd., Senken Technology Co,.Ltd., Senken Civil Defence Equipment Branch Company, Senken Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd. Senken Police Equipment Co.,Ltd., Chanf Technology Co.,Ltd., Senken investment Co.,ltd. and 12 Sales subsidiaries throughout mainland China.
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  • LED Search Light Equipment Performance

    LED search light equipment is a kind of light equipment that can satisfy needs of lighting project car, scout car and breakdown lorry of railway, electronic, police-use, steelworks and petrochemical works in nighttime. This equipment can be used to illuminate all directions and long distance in all different working environments. This kind of light search equipment has following advantages: Police-use searching light equipment mainly refers to its illuminate distance, illuminate resource, durable, two kinds wireless controller and intelligent protection. 1、Illuminate distance Police use searching light equipment has special lighting colors design, which makes it high reflection, high light condensing and the 1200 meters illuminating distance. 2、Illuminate light resource The police use searching light uses the import bulbs, made of titanium alloy, tungsten filament and halogen, or the high-quality car use xenon big lamp. It can fully use car, boat or any other long tern use of high capacity of battery of machine equipment and also use high capacity battery illuminate. 3、Durable Police use searching light use the outer of import harden materials, which enable the product to have features of high resistance to strong collision, high shockproof and shock resistant ability. Full sealing craft design can be use in storm days and strong wave impact. The product is in lightweight, and has a special fold construction, which enables lamp can turn off the lamp head when drive in a high speed by decrease air resistance. The Magnetic adsorption of lamp makes the product become a unit, which ensures safety of user. 4. Two kinds of controller Police-use searching light uses two kinds of controller: wire control and wireless remote control. It uses the remote controller to control illuminate intensity. According to real needs to adjust the orientation, lamp head has the features of no inertia, accurate and the lamp head, which can rotate for 360°, 180°in vertical, in order to achieve all direction illuminating search. 5、Intelligent protection Microcomputer chip protection refers to when input power supply too high or too low, the lamp will automatic cut down the illuminate output. After the power supply goes back to normal range, the lamp will illuminate again. More information please paying attention to Senken police-use equipment http://www.senken.com.cn/

    2015/4/14 9:17:19

  • Senken Police Body Camera won the award "2015 Outstanding Industrial Products of Zhejiang"

    The Business Leaders Summit and the List of Top 2015 Enterprises of Zhejiang conference held in Hangzhou on October 12, 2015, Our products “single police public security law enforcement recorder”(Police Body Camera) won the title of "2015 Outstanding Industrial Products of Zhejiang". "Outstanding Industrial Products of Zhejiang" is Chosen by 50 relevant industry associations, the joint committee, on the basis of enterprise voluntary application, hire industry well-known industry experts and scholars as the judges, the primaries, experts rate, runoff, and the social public, and so on program selection and the authority and impartiality. Senken products to stand out from the crowd won, fully illustrates the Senken’s power and investment in product innovation. Police Body Camera through perfecting the upgrade, now we have the fourth generation of products, integrating the video, pictures, audio, and other functions, feature to be light and convenient, the image is clear, long life, infrared night vision, snap shoot, video record, waterproof the earthquake, the password to unlock, motion detecting and the remote positioning, wireless transmission and other characteristics, Police Body Camera widely used in public security, traffic police, urban management, highways and other departments, to further standardize law enforcement provides a powerful guarantee

    2015/12/22 14:50:01

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