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Senken Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1990 by the chairman Mr. Chen ShiSheng and other Key stock holders. The Group owns Senken industrial Stock Co.,Ltd., Senken Technology Co,.Ltd., Senken Civil Defence Equipment Branch Company, Senken Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd. Senken Police Equipment Co.,Ltd., Chanf Technology Co.,Ltd., Senken investment Co.,ltd. and 12 Sales subsidiaries throughout mainland China.
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  • New party secretary Jiangyong Zhou visited SENKEN

    On the morning of March 28th, the Wenzhou municipal Party committee secretary Jiangyong Zhou was accompanied by the Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary General Jun Wang, Lucheng Party Secretary Wuwen Li, mayor Xiaofeng Hu, deputy mayor Dingen Huang and some other city or district leaders who came to Wenzhou City, focusing on cultivating enterprise, high growth enterprises, Lucheng District meritorious service enterprises – SENKEN Group for investigation, company chairman Shisheng Chen and President Mingyong Jin received them. Secretary Jiangyong Zhou and other leaders listened carefully to the business situation, inquired about the development status and planning, also visited the exhibition hall with high interest, he was keeping nod his head when hearing the person in charge of the enterprise said that many products of company in the absolute leading position in the domestic market, and stopped to watch highly intelligent "dynamic law enforcement forensics system" and "intelligent lights" the product showcase, had a detailed understanding. Secretary Zhou affirmed the SENKEN hard work over 20 years , and has made contribution for China security and police service protection. Encouraged that actively implement the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, increase investment in innovation, the development of information technology and intelligent products and services, as well as actively docking capital markets, plans to market. Also pointed out that Wenzhou should make the city industrial economy better, further agglomeration of high-end elements, form a good situation like enterprise transformation and upgrading, urban transformation and development of mutual promotion . Encourage enterprises to continue to play the industry leader role model, and make greater contribution to promote the progress of industry and local economic and social development.

    2017/4/10 15:18:31

  • The 121st Canton Fair

    15th-19th April, 2017, Senken Group Co., ltd have attended the 121st Canton Fair, we have shown our main security products such as vehicle signal light bar, small warning lights, siren, speaker, personal anti-riot equipments, ballistic equipments, police body camera . In these days we have meet more than one hundred old and new customers, they are very interested in SENKEN brand with its very good quality products. Especially the new technology products police body camera. Most of them are going to try the samples and do the promotion in their market.

    2017/4/20 9:41:56

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